xpresso Model Management

AI / ML model management - Track, validate, and monitor your models in real-time to make better decisions

Reliable And Efficient Model Management Capabilities To Help You Keep Track Of Your Model And Stay Updated With Its Behavior

Create and manage feature stores to accelerate your model development, access custom dashboards to help you monitor your deployed models in real-time, and model explainability capabilities that let you step into the black box and make better decisions

Access Feature Stores To Accelerate Your Model Development

  • Easily create and manage feature groups
  • Create and run feature engineering pipelines
  • Enable deployed model to use online feature store to get the feature vectors required for prediction

Track, Validate And Monitor Your Models In Real Time

  • Easily track the deployed model’s performance from a usage standpoint
  • Reduce blackouts by proactively detecting when the model is going to drift into undesirable zones with the help of built-in matrices such as Population Stability Index (PSI), Characteristic Stability Index (CSI), and divergent index (DI)
  • Receive real-time alerts on data and model drifts and keep track of all historical alerts
  • Configure your alerts and thresholds to best match your business needs

Understand Your Model Behavior To Make Better Decisions

  • Intuitive graphs enabling business users to understand the sensitivity of the various features and their effect on the model’s output
  • Track the biases that are influencing the model’s output
  • Track the features that are influencing the model behavior

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